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I've been known to give sage advice from time-to-time...

though I do get funny looks for talking to herbs 🤣

Sage is an amazing herb. I use it and the essential oil in my soaps.

In ancient Rome, sage was considered to have substantial healing properties, particularly helpful in the digestion of the fatty meats of the time. The herb was used to heal ulcers, to help stop the bleeding of wounds, and to soothe a sore throat.

Sage was used during the Middle Ages to treat many illnesses including fevers, liver disease, and epilepsy. The herb was used in England to make a tea that was considered a healthy beverage. One common belief was that sage strengthened the memory, hence a "sage" (wise man) always had a long memory.

Sage relieves and improves skin conditions, assists in improving acne, athlete's foot and chapped skin, and relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Oil from the leaf is often added to face and body washes, deodorants and anti-fungal creams due to its astringent properties.

Do you want to take advantage of all of these amazing benefits? I sell sage in many forms:

Pure essential oil from Young Living.

Hand Picked Sage from Central Alberta or British Columbia 💚

More items available in my store:

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