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Do you 💜 lavender as much as I do?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

You may have noticed that most of my website is filled with lavender. This amazing scent provides an instant mood boost. The feeling of calm, tranquility and peace is what draws me to this oil every time.

Lavender use has been in use for over 2500 years. The ancient Egyptians used lavender for mummification and perfume. Romans used lavender oils for cooking, bathing and scenting the air. The Romans also used lavender oil in soaps and carried it with them throughout the Roman Empire. Lavender was also recognized in Roman times for its antiseptic and healing qualities. The Ancient Greeks used lavender to fight insomnia and back aches.

Traditional medicinal practices in Asia noted the cooling effect of lavender, which helped people relax and release the tension in their bodies. Charles VI of France slept with lavender in his pillow as a way to help him sleep. An English herbalist, John Parkinson, believed lavender could be used to help any ailment of the head or brain.

Lavender remains as popular today, The rapid advancement of modern science has significantly reduced the use of lavender in day-to-day practices, but there is still evidence of the positive benefits lavender may have on our brains and nervous system.

Do you want to take advantage of all of these amazing benefits? I sell lavender in many forms:

Pure essential oil from Young Living.

Body Scrub from my store here

Lavender soap for sensitive skin

More items available in my store:

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